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Shattered Heaven Minisode 3 Suffering Soul
Finally working. I tried uploading this days ago but no matter what computer or browser I used, I kept getting errors.  This minisode was done during production of episode 4 and 5 so it was kind of rushed. But even still, I'm really proud of this one. Everyone did such a good job, acting wise. Plus it gives a deeper look into Amy Caecus which is something I wanted to do. 

You can subscribe to me on Youtube as that's where new episodes are released first. -…

Also, the second novel of Shattered Heaven has been released on ebook for $3! -…

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Amy Caecus, daughter to the foreign affairs chairman for the Alliance, has been shouldering pain for years before she met Adam Novus. Before making the next step in her life, Amy reflects on what brought her to the present day, just before Adam's Alliance entrance exam.

Cast (In order of appearance)

Amy Caecus: Kira Buckland
Harold Caecus: Kamran Nikhad
Lucius Malum: Ty Konzak
Sharon Amare: Piper Petrie

Music by: Johnathan Johnson "Projecttrinity"
Sound Design by: Natalie Van Sistine
Script Supervision: Heidi Tabing
Shattered Heaven: SEED Edition Happy Halloween by Azure-Knight33
Shattered Heaven: SEED Edition Happy Halloween
Shattered Heaven characters dressed up as Gundam SEED characters. 

Short backstory on this. Shattered Heaven is an original mecha novel series turned animated web series written and animated by me. I wrote it way back in 2001 and it was revised a bunch of times. Started off as Armored Core fanfiction and eventually grew into something much more. In 2007, after I finished the 3rd book I started watching Gundam and suddenly I wanted to make an animated version of it. So, I learned how to design mecha and animate them from watching Gundam. A lot of the designs are influenced by Gundam, SEED mainly. When I released the first version of an animated series, I was greeted by a lot of people saying I ripped off SEED. Not even the mecha, just “I stole SEED’s story”. Hilariously off base considering it was written before I ever saw SEED. So that’s become my thing. I often always have trolls comment about how I ripped off SEED. So this is me, poking fun at myself. 

It was actually fun to draw. 

Adam Novus as Kira Yamato
Stephen Novus as Athrun Zala
Amy Caecus as Flay Allster
Karin Dolor as Cagali Yula Athha……
Shattered Heaven Minisode 3 Amy Scene 2 WIP by Azure-Knight33
Shattered Heaven Minisode 3 Amy Scene 2 WIP
While the original mecha sfx are being created and worked on by my sound designer, I've been working on the next minisode. Minisodes are like my "filler" episodes. Side stories that don't necessarily advance the plot, but still help with character growth and development. The first one wasn't completely animated, it was like a visual novel, the second one was simply in audio drama form. This one, however, is being fully animated like an actual episode. Pretty much because of the importance of the story it shows. 

I'll probably finish this during the week and then it'll be out to my sound designer as well. Then I can start the clean up of episode 5 since that's fully animated since last month. This minisode is extremely challenging because of the content, but I'm having fun with it so far. 

You can follow the series on Youtue -…
Shattered Heaven Episode 5 Rough Clip
I'll be a guest at Camp Anime the weekend of 9/19. I'll be debuting Episode 4 "The Exam" and showing some early looks at the last 2 episodes that make up Act 1, Episode 5 and 6. This is just a small preview from episode 5. Episode 4 has vast improvements from the first 3, mainly me experimenting with establishing shots for the backgrounds and environments, and it also takes place in multiple locations. I've tried some different angles here and there and I've working on getting used to more far away shots. Again, it's all a work in progress.

But the most notable thing with episodes 4-6 will be the pacing. The issues of pacing in 1-3 were intentional. They were written that way for a reason. Things started to come into complete focus around the end of episode 2 with foreshadowing and more so in episode 3 with character drama and development. 4-6 are a lot more fast paced as this is where the plot and the inciting incident take place. I also did the first few episodes that way because I just wasn't ready to take on what needed to happen last year. They were my "practice/experiment" episodes. I'm much more confident now than I was last year and I know I can handle these episodes. 

There's some casting choices I'm looking forward to revealing, but I'm going to hold off until the episode's actual release. 

I should note, Stephen's initial line in this rough is just a blooper, it's not his real one. It's sort of become a thing for every episode there's at least one blooper from him like that. 
I'm going to be upfront first, this is a passion project and I do not make any money off of this. Maybe down the line in the future if it spreads around enough, but for now, there's none. I can not offer any payment for any help that's given. I will not write about "oh, well you'll get exposure!", I hate that line. As a freelance writer, designer myself, I extremely hate, hate that line. I am looking for anyone who may be interested in helping out with this project in their free time. People that would like to see this project grow with its potential. 

With that out of the way, I'll introduce myself. My name is Adam, I''m a published author, animator and graphic/web designer. I have been published both traditionally and independently. I have an original sci-fi mecha drama series, "Shattered Heaven" that is published with the first book "Sins of the Soul" available for purchase and the second, "Shadows of Existence" about to be published. Last year I started a reboot of an animated version of the first book. I did everything on my own, minus the voices and produced 2 episodes, 1 short extra episode and a prologue episode. I handle the writing, which is mainly just me converting the book's text to script format, animation and audio work. It's fine doing it on my own, but if I want this series to grow then I need to look for help to lighten my load. Preferably from people who are just, well, better than me at being an artist. 

Series Synopsis: After years of exploration and terraforming, Mars has become stable enough to sustain life. New resources have been uncovered and a race for their exploitation has begun. The year is A.R. 100, a century after humanity's run in with the threat of extinction. War rages on the Martian surface between the two allied governing nations of the world, the Trinity Alliance and the Euro-Asian Pact, while war machine developers such as Genesis reap the benefits with their contribution to the world in the form of mechanized frames; giant robotic power suits piloted by brave men and women. Adam Novus, a teenage intern at Genesis finds himself aspiring for more out of life. Wanting to join his brother Stephen in the Trinity Alliance military as a frame pilot he trains with no restraints. Finally when he is given the opportunity to prove his skill tragedy strikes and he is quickly thrown into the dark, unrelenting chaos that is war.

The first book can be purchased on Amazon - "Sins of the Soul"

Background Artists: I hate backgrounds, mainly because I'm just not good at them. I'm still working out how to construct interiors and how to showcase them, but it is clearly my weak point. I'm looking for anyone who has experience designing backgrounds at multiple angles. Someone who can add backgrounds to the FLA files I provide and then send the files back to me. So Flash, preferably CS6 is a must. I can explain the environments and interiors, I just need someone who can actually bring them to life better than I can.

Extra Animators: This isn't a big deal or something I'm really looking for, but adding extra animators would be a nice compliment. Mainly for background work, like when there's a crowd of people in a scene, just someone who can animate the background/NPC type characters to give them movement so there's nothing static in what should be a busy scene. 

Voice Director: I'm putting this here as well because I'm just not that good at directing voice actors. Mainly due to my limited free time. I work 40 hours a week and when not working, I'm either writing/editing my next book or animating, or both. So I would like someone that could help lighten my load and direct the voice actors to help up the vocal and acting quality of the series. The actors I have cast are all incredibly talented people, most are professionals, some are fully active in the anime dubbing world, some are just starting out in it and others are working towards that sort of goal. So the talent is there, I just haven't been able to do them proper justice with helping them bring out the characters better. 

Again, I am looking for anyone who meets a certain standard of quality that would be willing to help out in their free time. I would love to pay people but since everything is on my own I just don't have a budget for it and I don't want to do some sales pitch about "exposure" like I mentioned earlier. This is a start up project, it's not web/internet famous, I have small fb fan base, but basically this is on the ground level. I think there's potential for this to grow in the coming episodes, mainly with the content coming out. But making a completely original animation on the internet, especially one that isn't based in comedy or short is extremely difficult. This is a passion project for me that I would love to see grow into something bigger. 

If anyone is interested in helping out with this project you can send me a note on DA or email me at
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