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Strip Poker
Based on one of the side stories for my web series I wrote and produced as an audio only minisode like 2 years back. It's being rewritten to fit with the current series and cast. It was a lot of fun to write and drunken fun with characters tends to be hilarious. 

It's actually a pretty cute and playful short. 
Calm before the Chaos by Azure-Knight33
Calm before the Chaos
I've been doing a lot more art from the actual book than where the animated series is currently at. Don't care, having fun. 

Adam Novus & Sharon Amare
Releasing the Frustration by Azure-Knight33
Releasing the Frustration
I've said multiple times that Act 2 onward is much much better than Act 1. Namely because the plot takes off. I always was pretty awkward and slow with the initial Act since it's sole purpose was to show Adam Novus' life/personality/focus before he joined the Alliance. Animation wise, it was good practice for me to get used to things. But Caleb Proditio is introduced in Act 2 and he's pretty much the foil for Adam. Voiced by Matt Shipman, Caleb's a fun character and I'm definitely looking forward to him being more involved. 
Configuration by Azure-Knight33
Follow the web series…

Adam Novus getting help from Sharon Amare when it comes to configuring his new Frame's operating system. 

One of the things I'm really trying to do with the rebooted web series is to further establish the inner working of the mech's development as well as emphasizing/fleshing out Sharon Amare's actual role when it comes to those sort of things. 
Shattered Heaven Episode 6 -Reunion- Clip
It's been a long time since I've released something with substance. Usually episodes are released at the latest every 4 months. I apologize for Episode 6, the first season's finale, not being released yet. I sort of got super stressed out with some life things and ended up needing like 2 months to decompress.

But I wanted to show you guys that I'm not dead and that there's still something coming haha. So here is a clip from the season finale. Current goal is March. Aiming to finish the clean up within the next 4 weeks, it's going really well now, then about a month for sound design.

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Cast (In order of appearance)

Adam Novus: Adam Tilford
Amy Caecus: Kira Buckland

Assistant Voice Direction: Brittany Lauda

Music by: Johnathan Johnson "Projecttrinity"
I've never been the most consistent person when it comes to updating my DA. For 2016, I'm really looking to change that. Some quick things about me. My name is Adam, I'm a writer/animator. Fun, right? My main passion project, Shattered Heaven is something I've been working on for years. It evolved from Armored Core fanfiction into an original story on the now dead AC forum, Armored Core Online. Initially a novel series, in 2007 I decided to try my hand at animating. The first series attempt ran 4 episodes and was, well, a learning experience. I'm a self taught animator as I went to school for writing. In 2013 I rebooted the series and had it focus on the first book's content. 

As of right now, 5 episodes are out, and a few smaller minisodes. The first season's finale is in production. 

You can follow the mecha series on my Youtube as it's where I'm far more consistent when it comes to updates.…

I'll be uploading art every day, most of it will be from Shattered Heaven, but there will also be some from another animated web series I'm working on with my friends Kira Buckland (Amy in SH/ professional VO) and Chris Niosi (debuts in Ep 6/Kirbopher/TOME/professional VO/etc), called Dragon Star. It's Kira's project but Chris and I are helping out between character design and animation. 

I'm most likely going to be setting up a Patreon to help me out, this is something I do in my free time which is pretty limited but I'd love/prefer to have this sort of thing be my focus. Plus it'll allow me to maybe pay my friends who have been so kind to help me out with VO, sound design, etc. 

I'd also like to find good background artists for the series. I'm not good at background art, I'm fond of it. I'm trying to improve, but being a one man animation project, it's extremely difficult since I'm pretty much doing everything. If anyone is interested in the project and would like to offer, it'd be tremendously appreciated. We'd need to see some sample work in background art. I'm not making money off it now so it'd really have to be someone who is genuinely interested in the project and would want to help out. Hopefully if I can get Patreon going in the future and get some donations then I can start offering people money.

So that's about it, here's to hopefully keeping this account active for once! 
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